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We create quality planters truly made to withstand everything garden planters are routinely exposed to. Plus, our planters can be made to imitate the look of any material from Ceramic to Metal. 
We appreciate and care for our customers and do everything within reason to ensure their satisfaction.
Our Planters are crafted with the finest raw materials that are ethically sourced from the earth. Our products are natural and environment friendly.
We eagerly seek out new ideas and encourage innovation to bloom to deliver the highest quality products and services at a value unmatched by our competitors.
IWWIDO is a design firm developing premium planters for the love of plants and nature. Our design style makes our products suitable for modern, minimal, and contemporary spaces. Gardening can be considered as an art, Planters are the best way to add color to your office/Home. The spaces we love to live, the corners that reflect our voices, the tables that made us stand, the shelves and walls that support us and speak for us, the light through the windows that brightens our mood, the feeling of oneness, togetherness, and bonding is what our home is. Add some color to it brighten up the dullest and dreariest of spots around your home. Boring old patios, a window sill, up a flight of steps, a deck that doesn’t have the best view, or simply a place that needs brightening up, planters can be the ideal addition!

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Ovate White Planter with Gold Stand (Set of 2)

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Ovate White Planter with Gold Stand (Set of 2)

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