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Do the planters have holes in the bottom for the water drain?
For metal planters, there are no drainage holes and for others, bottom holes are provided
Why should I buy a planter?
Every corner of your space can be reimagined at your home with our beautiful planters, which bring great value to your home. The planters will make you fall in love with those corners, Tabletops and the plants that carry. The plants in IWWIDO planters add life to your adobe.
Why should I have a plant in my home?
There is no life on this planet without a plant. A plant in your home or your workspace, will make you feel active, live fresh, provide fresh oxygen, clean the air, build the environment’s mood, makes your time and life refreshing.
What are the different types of planters you make?
We make an exclusive range of planters for Succulents, Small and medium plants. Planters made up of ceramic, metal, and resin material.
Do these Metal planters break?
No, Metal planters do not break and are dent-free as we use a high-quality, heavy-duty range of Iron so the handling will be easy.
Do these Metal planters rust?
No, IWWIDO metal planters are rust-proof as they are powder paint coated.
Do these Metal planters absorb heat?
No, IWWIDO metal planters are heat resistant as they are powder paint coated.
Do plants survive in Metal Planters?
Yes, absolutely.
Is the inside of the Metal pot glazed or colored?
Where are these planters made?
The planters are designed, developed, made, and packed at our Design House and Workshop in Uttar Pradesh, India.
What is the smallest pot you make?
The smallest pot is 3” x 3” in size.
Are these planters only for indoors?
These planters can be used at any place in your surroundings. Extreme heat and freezing cold will not damage the pot.
Are the planters custom designed?
Yes, custom designing projects are taken in collaboration along with the project architect where the project demand is huge and when there is a scope to use our efforts and skills to make a difference.
Can custom colors be done?
Yes, any color can be developed. But we have a MOQ(minimum order quantity) to serve it.
How many days does it take to work on Custom Designs or colors?
Depending upon the quantities and scope of the project, it takes a minimum of One month to a max of Five Months.
How ceramic planters are made?
Ceramic planters are High temperature fired ceramic, high precision machine made and glazed with Amazing quality special clay to ensure durability and longevity. Suitable for International climate.
How Macrame plant hangers are made?
Macrame plant hangers are hand woven with high quality cotton Macrame threads.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We ship all your orders through Delhivery, FedEx and India Speed post. Pin codes that are not eligible for cash-on-delivery with Delivery and FedEx can be shipped as prepaid through India speed post.

is cod available on this store?

Yes, we provide cash on delivery orders, however due to lock down we have temporarily stopped COD for few months until the situation gets back to normal.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept all the payment methods listed here - https://razorpay.com/docs/payment-gateway/payment-methods/

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. However, due to lock down we have stopped international shipping for the time being.

Do I have to pay anything to return my items?

No, You do not have to pay anything to return products. please go through our refund and return policy for more details regarding this.

How do I return an item?

Please go through our refund policy from the info section to know how to return an item you have purchased on the site.

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